Winter Boots, Clothing and Coats:

Get in on winter sales now for the best selection


Around the new year, stores discount their fall suits


A popular holiday gift, perfume is often on sale after the season

Home Furnishings:

Retailers are making room for new inventory


Just after the new year, prices are drastically reduced

Carpets and Flooring:

Many people spruce up their homes during the holidays, so prices plummet afterwards

Big Appliances:

Stock not sold during the holiday rush is now heavily discounted

Linens and Bedding:

Ever-popular “white sales” make January the best month for these items

Holiday Supplies:

If you’re willing and able to store cards and wrapping paper for a year, you can find them now for up to 80% off

Office Furniture:

Retailers cater to home businesses starting around the new year

Video Games:

New games are released for the holidays, but you can get them marked down afterwards