Andrea Deckard


Andrea Deckard,

Andrea Deckard is the savings expert behind the popular site After learning that their newest son would have a kidney disorder and possibly need surgery, Andrea focused diligently on the family budget and ways she could contribute through her savings efforts. One year after the couple’s son had surgery, she saved over $6,500 just by utilizing focused shopping techniques.

With that experience, Andrea took her passion for saving and technology to create the site in 2008.  The site’s mission is to “save money on what you need so you can spend (and save) more on what you want.” Andrea’s desire to help others save more is shared through the practical savings tips, deals and freebies being shared on Savings Lifestyle. 
Andrea has been featured in national media outlets including All You Magazine, Good Morning America and World News Tonight. She works regularly with local media including a weekly segment with WGRR radio station.