Your June 2012 Financial To-Dos

Your June 2012 Financial To-Dos

Can you believe it's already June?

Neither can we.

Here's to summer Fridays and flip-flops, to time with friends and relaxing alone. This month, as spring fades into full-on summer, it’s time to make sure your money is working for you while you go out to play.


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Reassess Your Budget. Deadline: Monday, June 11

Log in to the LearnVest My Money Center to see the different categories of your spending, like nights out on the town and groceries. How does your spending in those areas compare to what you thought you were spending? Make sure to take into account any life changes, like school, work, family, wedding, vacation (how’s that summer vacay planning going?), children and anything else that could change the way you manage your finances.

Update Your Insurance. Deadline: Monday, June 18

If you’ve moved in the last year, contact your insurance providers to verify that they have the correct address on file. If you’ve bought a new computer or other valuable item, add it to your renter’s or homeowner’s coverage. Read this for seven insurance policies you can do without. Don't know which insurance policies are right for you? We can help with that, too.

Make a Summer Entertainment Plan. Deadline: Monday, June 25

Do you want to have friends over for a long summer weekend? Host a Labor Day barbecue? Now's the time to reserve your loved ones before they make other plans—and it's also the time to give yourself an entertainment budget, think about buying food and supplies in advance (and maybe even in bulk), and brush off your BBQ skills. If you have children, will you be sending them to summer camp? More on that here.

Have the Money Talk. Deadline: Tuesday, June 28

It's easy to talk about where you want to go this summer, or which bands you want to see, or how you really do need air conditioning this year. It's a little harder to talk about money. Since "the talk" has the potential to be tense, pick a day without other stressors: sleep late, eat outside and enjoy the sun before going over finances with your live-in partner, spouse or roommate. (If you live alone, take this time to have a cocktail. Or make up a savings challenge, whatever.) For some motivation, read this reader story, and for tips on having the talk, check out this post.


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