Your August 2012 Financial To-Dos

Your August 2012 Financial To-Dos

The nights are getting cooler. Fall is right around the corner, and as much as we support indulging in every last moment of your summer, it's time to turn an eye to September.

That's why this month's financial to-dos are a mixture of forward-thinking (start planning the self-improvement you'll implement come back-to-school time) and light (take a fun quiz and save some cash) to balance the lazy days of August with the immediacy of fall.

Make Your Doctor Appointments. Deadline: Friday, August 3

Summer is usually a bit slower in the office, so it’s a great time to head for an annual exam. If your health insurance includes free check-ups, use that as extra incentive to schedule an appointment. (And if you don't have health insurance, remember that you aren't alone.) Free sites like ZocDoc can help you find a local physician and schedule an appointment without leaving your chai

Get Ready to Be Entertained. Deadline: Monday, August 6

Before you know it, the weather will change and "lounge chair" will no longer be a viable plan for the day. We know it's hard to think about, but you'll need a budget-friendly plan for indoor entertainment. Start by taking our quiz to find out if--and where--you're wasting money on entertainment, then explore the provided, affordable alternatives to paying full price for cable and magazines. Console yourself by remembering these seven reasons TV is ruining your life.

Reassess Your Budget. Deadline: Monday, August 13

Go to the LV My Money Center to make sure you’re sticking to your current budget. You may have readjusted earlier this summer for vacation spending, so make sure you reallocate your funds for fall spending, whether that means textbooks, back-to-school wardrobes or increased IRA contributions. Adjust your numbers if your income, goals or lifestyle has changed.

Prepare for Back-to-School Season. Deadline: Monday, August 20

College kids will be heading back to campus any day now, and the moms and teachers among us are seeing back to school on the horizon. September is coming fast, so take advantage of August sales on school supplies. Even if you won't be setting foot in a classroom, use the season as motivation to set up your own productive routine. After all, we know that a healthy diet and exercise can improve our finances and our relationships. Need some help sticking to your routine? These apps will do it.

Re-Evaluate Your Transportation. Deadline: Monday, August 27

When one woman explained why she would never buy a new car, we learned that LearnVesters are awfully attached to their transportation. Once summer travel is out of the picture and you'll be traveling more regularly, to work, school or on errands, it's a good time to think about where you can cut transportation costs. Our free Cut Your Costs Bootcamp can help you save on gas, car repairs, car insurance and alternative forms of transportation. (For instance, did you know you could qualify for an insurance discount for having an advanced degree, being a teacher or agreeing to track your driving habits with a black box?)


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