What It's Like to Have Oprah for a Boss

What It's Like to Have Oprah for a Boss

Savvy Sugar reveals the truth about what it's like to have Oprah for a boss.

Judging by the warmth and empathy Oprah Winfrey displays on TV, it's easy to imagine what a wonderful person she'd be to have in your life. But have you ever thought about what she would be like as your manager? I talked to Janet Lee, an interior designer who specializes in small spaces, who shared her experiences with her former boss, Oprah. Janet was formerly a senior field producer for The Oprah Show—talk about a dream job! Read on to find out what it was like to have Oprah as a boss.

She Picks the Right People

If Oprah were your boss, you'd be working with top notch people. Imagine what it would be like working with people you respect continually and are learning from every day.

Janet says: "When I finally got to Oprah, I felt like I reached the Ivy Leagues of television. In all aspects, everyone who worked for her was at the top of their game. Whether it was lighting design, graphic design or editing, you were working with the top of the top, so you really felt honored.

It was really collaborative and exciting and no one wanted to disappoint her. We were all overachievers anyways, so to have a whole company of, sort of, overachieving, multitalented people was just an honor."

She Cares

Although Oprah is a billionaire entrepreneur, she makes an effort to know what her staff members are up to. Care and consideration from managers definitely boosts productivity and job satisfaction.

Janet says: "What was amazing with her was that the company really grew and grew every year and we had more people and more departments and she remembered everyone’s name. I always thought that was amazing.

She always knew my name, she knew what was going on, and would surprise me by knowing my next assignment. I’ll be in the audio booth with her, recording some voiceovers, and she would say, 'Oh gosh, you just came back from Dallas and now you have to do that shoot over in New Orleans to cover the Katrina floods?' It was just amazing—how would she even know that?"

For more behind-the-scenes secrets about working for Oprah, head over to Savvy Sugar

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