What American Idol Can Teach You About Interviewing

What American Idol Can Teach You About Interviewing

Believe it or not, there are a couple of lessons that job hunters can take away from this hit show.

American Idol is the ultimate interview--millions of Americans are judges, so if you make it through to the final rounds, you are definitely doing something right.

Here's what you can learn from the contestants:

Don't Feel Bad If You Didn't Get The Job.

You are competing against extremely talented people for the job, so be proud of the fact that you've gotten this far. There's no telling why you didn't get the job--there can be a whole host of reasons why you didn't. It's just going to drive you crazy if you keep lingering over the reasons why. I thought some of the Idol candidates who got cut should've stayed, so it's all a matter of fit and timing. Maybe there isn't a good reason at all. Don't let your rejection letter get you down--there may be other opportunities out there waiting for you, so keep trying.

Nice And Humble Gets You Far.

Being nice and genuine really does go a long way. I noticed that the contestants who weren't as nice in the beginning didn't make the cut. Clint didn't make it to the final 10, although he was very talented. In an earlier episode, he kicked 15-year-old Jaycee out of his singing group, which left Jaycee stranded, tearful, and group-less for a long time. Judges and viewers tend to gravitate toward candidates like Jacob, who seems genuine and down to earth.

For more interviewing tips you can learn from American Idol, read on.


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