$1,500 Rentals Across the Country


The grass is always greener and the paint is always brighter—we’ll admit that we’re curious to snoop on friends’ apartments and houses. And we curse the social graces that prevent us from demanding to know how much they pay.

(Is that news to you? Check out our other money etiquette tips.)

LearnVest is here to satiate your curiosity while preserving your tact. After all, we tell ourselves, snooping on other people’s apartments is educational. Cost of living is different all over the country and even fixed expenses (bills that look the same every month, like rent or cable) can budge if we make certain sacrifices: Would you want a big apartment with a washer/dryer if it meant you had to live far from the center of town?

To get you thinking (and stoke your apartment envy), we sleuthed around for the kinds of apartments that $1,500 a month could get in various cities around the country. Just as you would, we pored over dozens of listings to find apartments with some charm. (And made sure they weren’t a fake listing scam!) As of this writing, these apartments were available and on the market, but consider this a good rule-of-thumb guide for a general sense of housing value in L.A. versus, say, Iowa City.

Click on the pictures below to see what $1,500 will get you:


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