Want to Sell a House? Better Stage a Photo Shoot

Want to Sell a House? Better Stage a Photo Shoot

Real estate listings with great pictures sell better. Obviously! We charming humans are all about appearance. We trust our eyes to an irresponsible degree—the expression “I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” speaks to that. So a better picture leading to a better sale makes perfect sense.

It’s About Quality

Now, when we say “better picture,” we don’t mean “one that excludes the dog-ravaged couch.” What we really mean—as determined by The Wall Street Journal—is better quality pictures, framed to be aesthetically pleasing. The Journal presents research that says that photos taken with SLR (single-lens-reflex) cameras lead to an inflated sale price by $934 to $116,076. The exception is homes that are priced below $300,000. Properties at the lower end of the market benefit more from price cuts than photography.

Get The Right Shots

“Gee, LearnVest,” you say. “That sounds just super, but you lost me at SLR.” As a seller, you need not concern yourself with the type of camera you’re holding—instead, ask your broker to bring along a professional photographer. Don’t have a broker? Wrangle some of those artsy photographer friends—they owe you for years of gallery exhibitions. It may seem trivial, but remember that there’s an entire niche industry based on making homes appealing enough to sell. Between painting accent walls on reality shows and being advised by magazines to install new landscaping, getting decent pictures seems like the lesser evil.

Tell us in the comments: Do you find that pictures make a difference when browsing real estate listings?


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