Video: How to Cut Kids’ Hair at Home—A Pro Shows You

Into every busy mom’s schedule falls a couple of tasks she’d really rather not do.

Refill the car with gas. (So expensive!)
Stay up late to work on that presentation due tomorrow. (So tired!)
Take the kids to the salon to get their hair cut. (We’d rather be playing at the park!)

Well, guess what? We have your answer to, “Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and easier to cut my kid’s hair myself?”

While the price of a kid’s haircut will vary drastically depending on where you live, you could find yourself paying up to $30 in many cities, not even including tip—and boy, do bangs grow fast. Why head to the salon each time she needs a touch-up?

To help us learn the best way to DIY a kids’ haircut from the comfort of our own home, we hit up Cozy Friedman, mom, owner of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids and the So Cozy Haircare line, and author of “Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair.” Friedman outlined an easy eight-step process for cutting kids’ hair … without any embarrassing screw-ups.

Video: How to Cut Your Kid's HairAll you’ll need are twenty minutes and a few tools, like a comb, spray bottle, barber scissors and two towels—one to cover your kid’s clothes and one to cover the floor.

Even if you’re not planning to cut your own kid’s hair anytime soon, you’ll want to watch our video above to see how cute our little model is …