Use Health Care Reform To Plan Ahead For Your Health


Every January we have the best of intentions. This year I will really lose those pesky 20 pounds. This year I resolve to not let stress affect my health. And, this year I will finally schedule that annual physical I’ve been meaning to do. But how do I get started?

Oftentimes, our answers are where we spend the majority of our time during the day—at work. Thanks to the Patient Protection Act—also known as health care reform—employers now cover many preventive care services. That means the annual physical you should have will no longer cost you a copay payment or coinsurance (a percent of the total cost). Preventive care is the number one thing you can do to get on the road to a healthy and happy life and tackle some of those New Year’s resolutions while you’re at it. Before you schedule any appointments, check to make sure what preventive care exams your employer is covering for 2011.

1. Find Out What’s Covered By Your Plan For Preventive Care Exams.

Preventive care exams include your annual physical, mammography, routine eye and hearing exams, immunizations, and other preventive tests.

2. Get The Calendar Out.

Schedule any necessary appointments for your and your family throughout this year. Don’t wait until the last minute. Your health depends on it.

3. Participate In Any On-Site Wellness Activities.

If you can get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked at work, why don’t you?

Think ahead—ignorance is not always bliss. It’s important to know all that you can about your health and take the necessary steps to build a healthy lifestyle. Preventive care is exactly that: taking care of it now, before something gets out of control.