This Will Teach You How to Do Your Taxes Right

This Will Teach You How to Do Your Taxes Right

It's actually crazy to expect the average person to do their taxes. It's like rolling your car into the repair shop and a guy in overalls handing you a tool box. But every year we dutifully tinker under the hood and hope we did everything OK.

Well, until the tax code gets reformed (please, pretty please) we're here to help.

If you don't already know, LearnVest has what we call the Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp, a five-day crash course in doing your taxes. It teaches you how to get a lower tax bill and will tell you whether you need an accountant, plus will answer all your nagging questions. Filing status? Tax credits? Yup, we cover it, sweetly and simply.

By the end of the bootcamp, when you've successfully filed your taxes, you'll feel more accomplished than if you had rebuilt a vintage Ford Mustang from scratch.

P.S. It's free.

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