Wall Street Journal: 'LV Aims to Shake Up Financial Planning'

Wall Street Journal: 'LV Aims to Shake Up Financial Planning'

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch featured LearnVest in a video called, “LearnVest Hopes to Shake Up Financial Planning.”

Reporter Emily Glazer walked viewers through LearnVest’s exciting new products, which include three levels of affordable, customized financial planning. As always, LearnVest’s basic membership, which includes access to the Budgeting Tool, Financial Inbox, Account Center and educational Bootcamps, remains free.

LearnVest’s new products will give users access through email and phone calls to one of LearnVest’s Certified Financial Planners, as well as a customized budgeting plan. Pricing for the plans varies based on the level of service you need.

In the video, Glazer notes the affordability of the plans, available for $69, $229 and $349, saying that this is “really inexpensive, which is really different for an industry [financial planning] that is complex, intimidating and expensive.” Traditional financial planners can cost between $100 and $300 per hour and comprehensive plans like the ones LearnVest is now offering--for a fraction of the price--can cost as much as thousands.

How can LearnVest offer financial plans so affordably? By removing the necessity of brick-and-mortar financial planning offices and in-person consultations, and allowing financial planners to deliver their advice through email and over the phone. Additionally, the Certified Financial Planners in LearnVest’s network of experts are thrilled at the opportunity to help thousands of women who they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach.

To watch the full video, head over to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch here.


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