The Market: November 11, 2011

The Market: November 11, 2011

We live in historic times.

Europe is in the grip of an all-out debt crisis. Leaders of Greece and Italy are both stepping down. Occupy Wall Street has created a sensation all around the globe. American youth are being dubbed “Generation Jobless,” in a climate where almost 60% of parents have been helping their adult children. Tech companies are having IPOs all over the place. Iran may have nukes. The firing of a football coach inspired riots that required police to use tear gas. Starbucks just bought a juice brand in the hopes of building a juice empire.

So, yeah, it can feel like a brave new world out there.

Luckily, The Market by LearnVest is here to bring you the news that matters most for your life. Here’s what’s been going on this week, and what it means for you:

Will This Be a “Lost Decade”?

It’s been a rough week for Italy … following a rough number of months for Greece. Why some people are warning this may be a “lost decade” for Europe and the world.

Are U.S. Banks Going Out on a Limb Again?

You think we’d have learned. In the financial crisis of 2008, our banking system got into trouble because it took on too much risk. Are they at it again?

Why “Made in China” Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

For Americans, “Made in China” often means “cheap.” But for the Chinese, cheap has become a thing of the past. And the value of a Chinese dollar may actually matter to you.

Looking Into the Future With the Commodities Market

The phrase “commodities futures” sound boring and complicated. But how they work and affect our market is actually simpler than you think.


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