The Market: April 13, 2012

The Market: April 13, 2012

Of all the ways to be smart about your money, investing may be one of the most mystifying. That's why LearnVest came up with The Market.

This weekly cheat sheet to global and economic news aims to cut through all the cable news chatter and punditry to bring you straightforward financial advice and information. With our Friday newsletter, you will learn how investing works, what you should do with your valuable dollars and how the headlines affect your money.

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Now, back to the news.

The big investing headline this week was that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, instantly making its 13 employees, who launched the service 18 months ago, very wealthy. That got us thinking ... wouldn't it have been nice if we could have invested in the photo-sharing service we love so much and cashed out this week? Well, actually, a new law set to take effect next year, the JOBS Act, will let anybody to do just that, if they want to.

One of the other big stories this week was that stocks had their worst slide in 2012, due to fears of slowing job growth and general jitters over the European economy. That may be why investors are looking at other ways to make a killing ... including by investing in some unlikely places. Read on to find out just what they're betting on.

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