The Key Question: Can You Afford It?

The Key Question: Can You Afford It?

altCan I … or can’t I? That is the question. Whether you’re considering a big-ticket item like airfare for a summer trip or mulling over an unexpected purchase like replacing your laptop, we all ask ourselves the same questions:  Can I afford it? And how long will it take for me to pay off my purchase?

These questions should not be taken lightly—having a plan for your spending is a key financial practice! Fortunately, thanks to financial management tools like Chase Blueprint, the answers to your spending questions lay right at your finger tips.

Available on many Chase credit cards, Blueprint is a unique set of free features designed to help you manage spending and borrowing—on your terms. In as little as three minutes, you can set up a simple plan to pay off your large purchase or unexpected expense.

Here’s how it works:  After making a purchase, you choose either how much you’d like to pay each month or a target date that you would like to pay it off by.  Then Blueprint establishes a plan for you to pay each month, and you get to see progress on every statement. Best of all, by paying your purchase off faster, you save money on interest.


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