The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Finances All Year

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Finances All Year

The exhilaration you get after the climb up Mount Everest.

The sense of accomplishment you have when, post-diet, you slide into your old jeans again.

The victory you feel when your tango lessons pay off in your first night of dancing.

You can have this kind of adrenaline-inducing triumph when it comes to your personal finances, too. Seriously. And there's one easy way to kick it into high gear for the year: Do the hardest thing first.

What would that be? Get your taxes done. And get them done early.

Hold on. Before you close your browser window, we have an offer for you—two, in fact.

First, we'll make your taxes quick and painless for you with our five-day, easy, breezy Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp (yes, taxes can actually be easy-breezy). In five steps, we'll answer all of your biggest tax questions and help you get all the tax breaks you deserve. We'll even help you get organized for next year!

Second, we've partnered up with H&R Block to offer all Ace Your Taxes Bootcampers the company's basic federal online tax filing program (normally $19.95) for free. Free! (You will have access to this program once you start the bootcamp. Note that state filing packages are regularly priced.)

So, not only will we hold your hand through doing your taxes, we'll even help you do them at no cost. Could we possibly give you any more incentive to get them done early?

Well, actually, we can.

Back to what we said earlier: If you get the least fun thing in personal finance done quickly and early in the year, then your other goals will be a piece of cake. If you've ever procrastinated once (or multiple times a day for years), you know the unhappy feeling of having an unpleasant task hanging over your head. It makes you not want to do other things either. (Believe us, we know all about downward spirals.) On the other hand, when you finally finish the chore, you want to shout to the world, "Bring it on!"

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So, here's what we propose: Take the bootcamp. File for free with H&R Block—and file early. Then take the momentum you just created—and perhaps your refund—and use it to push on toward your other, more fun financial goals. Saving for vacation? Putting money away for a comfy retirement? They're all closer to being possible if you just tackle this task first.

Sign up for Ace Your Taxes Bootcamp now.

Update February 21: This article has been updated to reflect that free offer from H&R Block is for federal filing packages only and that state filing packages are regularly priced.

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