The Best Lesson: What We Learned From Our Parents About Money


Kids are like sponges—especially when it comes to absorbing money lessons.

Long before they’re able to open a bank account (or own a piggy bank), they’re watching us for cues about how we handle our finances.

Money Lessons

But just how do you show your kids how to handle money responsibly—and ensure your good advice will stick with them as they grow?

We turned to the experts for inspiration—our parents and yours, polling the LearnVest staff and readers alike for the single best money lesson their elders taught them: that is, the one they never forgot, even though they’re fully grown.

Read on for tips to pass on to your own kids. One wise mom inspired her daughters to “earn” their school trips. One dad passed on a budgeting tip that blew a new grad’s mind. And some had ingenious ways to get a toddler, and a teen, to save …

These financial tricks come straight from the mouths of parents, and, better yet, they’ve withstood the test of time.


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