The 10 Best Law Firms for Women


Women have made up half of the class at Yale Law School for over ten years, but a new study by Yale Law Women shows that women still can’t match men when it comes to their success after school.

It’s not news that women are underperforming in a wide range of professions–actually, all professions except for shoe shining and some other personal care and service jobs. But, it’s still startling that these high-performing female lawyers can’t keep up with their male counterparts. They have a degree from the most selective law school, and are certainly taught how to negotiate, but on average make only 77.1% of their male counterparts’ salaries.

Yale Law

While the enrollment numbers at Yale Law School for men and women are about fifty-fifty, women are significantly underrepresented in the legal profession after they graduate. Only 28% of all tenured law professors are women and only four women have been appointed to the Supreme Court out of the 112 judges in its history. Women make up 31.5% of all lawyers, but hold a disproportionately large amount of entry-level positions.

What’s the Deal?

The study found that this disparity starts on the first day of law school. Men tend to voluntarily participate more in class because they felt more assertive and confident in the classroom setting. This is significant, as greater student participation tends to correlate with greater professional success.

So, what can you do to combat this disparity if you’re a female lawyer? You could start by participating more in law school–and also choosing the right firm with the best benefits for women. Yale Law Women released its seventh annual report of the top ten law firms that are best for females. The women’s organization judged firms based on their development of “family-friendly practices and policies.”

We’ve compiled a slideshow of the top-ten firms. To view the slide show as one long list, click into the show and choose “list view.”


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    You can view the full report on female-friendly law firms here.