Take Control


The Focus of Take Control Bootcamp

  1. Assess Your
    Current Finances

    Examine and learn from your net worth, your credit score and your spending habits.

  2. Create an Action Plan
    to Get There

    Revise your spending habits, so your money goes toward the things you really want.

Take Control Schedule

  • day 1 – 2

    Your Financial Picture:

    We’ll begin by analyzing some basic measures, including your cash flow, your net worth and your earnings.

  • day 3 – 4

    Where Your Money Is Going:

    We’ll examine how money is flowing out of your life by examining your budget and your spending habits.

  • day 5

    How You Handle Credit:

    A strong credit report and score will save you thousands on big purchases.

  • day 6 – 7

    Spending Better:

    We’ll help you develop strong goals, shrink your bills and align your spending with those goals.

  • day 8 – 9

    Get to Your Goals:

    Save for things you really want, build an emergency fund and get on the path to retirement.

  • day 10


    You’ll finish with a review quiz and compose promises to yourself regarding your top financial priorities.