Sweepstakes: We’ll Pay Off $2,500 of Your Credit Card Debt!


How great would it be to have a fairy godmother?

She could turn our mother-in-law into a pumpkin, make all of our paperwork disappear—and pay off all of our debt.

At LearnVest, we know that you can’t build a safe and happy future while you’re carrying credit card debt. It’s toxic in so many ways: It pulls down your credit score, stresses you out daily and has a nasty way of snowballing into an insurmountable obstacle.

So we’re going to be someone’s fairy godmother this holiday.

We’re going to pay off $2,500 of credit card debt for one lucky LearnVester.

Enter to win by signing up for a LearnVest account and spreading the love. Here’s how:


More Details:

  • You get one entry in the contest for each of your friends who signs up. Limit: 30 entries. Look out for an email in your inbox to forward.
  • When your friends sign up, they also get entered into the sweepstakes. And then they can forward on to their friends to increase their chances.
  • Winner will receive a check for $2,500. Even if you only have $500 in credit card debt, we’ll pay that off, and give you the rest to plump up your emergency fund, funnel into your IRA or sock away for the down payment on a home. Either way, you’ll get $2,500 to get your financial life on track.
  • If you have any issues or questions about entering the contest, email us at feedback@learnvest.com.
  • Read LearnVest’s standard sweepstakes rules here.
  • Sasha W

    So if we are already signed up do we get an entry by default?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sasha W,

      The way you enter is by getting a friend or multiple friends to sign up. If you’re already subscribed, then you received an email on December 12 from us that you can use to get friends to sign up and gain entries. Let us know if you have any other questions, and good luck!


  • Telleen Al

    What if we deleted the 12/12 email?! I was overloaded and just selected all but I’d like to participate. Can we forward to friends another way?

    • Telleen Al

      Just kidding I found it!

  • Angie700_2000

    I’m already a member and deleted the email what can I do now?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Angie,

      If you email feedback@learnvest.com, we’ll help you get entered. Thank you!

      • Angie700_2000

        Thank you!!!

  • Kristin

    Can you enter even if you don’t have credit card debt?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Kristin,

      Absolutely! The money can go toward any financial fitness goal such as boosting your emergency fund, increasing your retirement savings, helping you build a down payment for a home and paying down other debts. Get as many friends to sign up as you can to increase your chances of winning!


  • Daljit

    So, I automatically get entered one I forward the email?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Daljit,

      You are automatically entered each time a friend signs up through the email you forwarded to her. The more friends who signs up, the more entries you get.

  • Auntb1961

    I just recently became a member and I dont have the 12/12/11 email to forward..

  • Pixiemeg

    Wish this had been done earlier! Already sent to everyone I know when your site first came out!