Sweat Equity


Considering how hard we work, we always want to spend our money wisely. That’s why it can be sobering to look at our expenses in a new light: by how many hours we worked to fund them.

Think of a mindless spending habit you have. While the clichéd example is a morning coffee ($2 at five days a week, 50 weeks of the year = $500), you might also think about your biweekly mani and pedi, or the three nights a week you go out for dinner. Calculate how many times you do it per year. For a $30 mani and pedi every two weeks, that’s 30×26 = $780, or for three $30 dinners out every week, that’s $30 x 52 = $1,560. Punch your number in and fill in the rest of the numbers about your hours worked and paycheck. Then find out just how long you are working to fund your spending.

If the number of hours is an unpleasant surprise, then think about revising your spending habits, or earning more.

Sweat Equity Calculator

Cost of Spending Habit

Hours Worked Per Week

Amount Per Paycheck

# of Paychecks Per Year


If you have the new resolve to cut some spending that you’d rather allocate elsewhere, re-do your budget in the Budgeting Tool
Budgeting Tool so you can always stay on top of your spending goals. Also, link your financial accounts link your financial accounts in the My Money Center so you know the second you go over budget in any one area.