Start Investing


The Focus of Start Investing Bootcamp

  1. Get the Basics

    Learn the different types of investment accounts and investments, plus how to choose a brokerage firm.

  2. Personalize the Way You Invest

    Get to know your personal tolerance for risk and find out which of your financial goals you should be investing for.

  3. Start Investing

    We’ll show you what to look for in a brokerage firm and how to manage your investments post-bootcamp.

Start Investing Schedule

  • day 1 – 3

    Set Your Goals:

    Learn about different types of accounts and investments, and find out which of your financial goals are right for investing.

  • day 4 -5

    Understand Risk:

    Use our quiz to find out your personal tolerance for risk and then see what kind of investment mix makes sense for you.

  • day 6 – 7

    Create Your Game Plan:

    Select a brokerage firm and get a checklist that will help you ensure you stick with your investing goals year after year.

Check to make sure you’re ready to take this bootcamp:

Do you have, or are you building, a six-month emergency fund?
If not, we suggest you sign up for Take Control Bootcamp first.

Do you have a retirement account and are you contributing to it?
If not, subscribe to Retiring in Style Bootcamp before this one.

If you can answer yes to all the above, then Start Investing Bootcamp is right for you!