Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Finances!

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Finances!

altSpring is officially here and—if you haven’t already started (wink, wink)—it’s time to partake in the annual ritual of “spring cleaning.” While it’s true that clearing out clutter and organizing your home requires a little time and effort, we all can attest to how satisfying the end results can be.

What many forget though is that spring cleaning also applies to your finances: Keeping your financial house in order is just as important as keeping your real house in order. And while evaluating your financial habits and reducing your spending may never be effortless, there are ways to make the process more manageable (and perhaps even more enjoyable).

This spring, make sure that you evaluate your finances—such as weekly spending goals, outstanding credit card balances, and savings—and take the necessary steps to stay on track. This way you avoid any kind of “build up” and your financial spring cleaning will be an even lighter lift next year.

For example, you can use resources like Chase Blueprint-available on Chase credit cards, which allows you to create custom plans to help you manage your spending and borrowing with the following features:

  • Full Pay: Avoid paying interest on purchases in the categories you choose
  • Split: Pay off large a purchase faster and save money on interest
  • Finish It: Pay down your balance faster with a plan that fits your schedule and budget
  • Track It: See your purchase details, track spending trends, and set spending goals

Don’t forget that once you have your finances organized, you’ll see the benefits year-round!


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