Selling a Home? A Prettier Agent Will Get More for It

Selling a Home? A Prettier Agent Will Get More for It

When it comes to selling your home, getting more money isn't just about the time of year you sell, or the current state of the market, or how you stage your living room.

It's also about the looks of your real estate agent.

According to data from a new study published in Applied Financial Economics, a more attractive real estate agent is associated with a higher final sale price on a house.

No surprise there—we've discussed before how attractiveness can influence a person's career success. (Of course, it isn't all that matters. To read how it might influence our careers, and what else is just as important, check this out.)

Just because they sell homes for more doesn't mean they're actually earning more. It turns out that attractive agents sell fewer houses overall than less attractive agents, likely because their houses are on the market for more time.

What did surprise us, however, is the fact that female agents command higher selling prices than male agents. Finally, a field women can dominate that isn't shining shoes.

via Jezebel

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