Save Money on Groceries Without Leaving Your Home

Save Money on Groceries Without Leaving Your Home

When your time is at a premium, you'd much rather spend it clothes shopping than grocery shopping. Let's face it, as fun as it is to wander through the aisles of your local food store, picking our colorful vegetables and fancy, artisanal breads, you can't wear cheese. That's why we love these three sites that let you do your grocery shopping from home, while saving you money at the same time. It's a win-win situation. will replace your big-box shopping needs, and at much better prices. Much like a superstore is laid out in sections, Alice lets you shop by room to make sure you don't forget anything. They also automatically search for coupons and savings code to apply to your order to make sure you're getting the absolute best deal possible. A quick test comparing Alice to retail saved us 50% on dog food and 35% on garbage bags—but you do need a (free) account to shop. The site also reminds you when it's time to re-order, lets you know when your favorites are on sale keeps a budget of your purchases. Oh, and there's free shipping. Grocery

You can now add groceries to the Things I Should Buy At list—at least the dry stuff and packaged goods. Amazon carries all your favorite brands for yourself, your home and your pets, and prices are better than retail. But the biggest convenience comes in the form of their "Subscribe and Save" model: Simply tell Amazon how often you go through pantry staples ( be sure to check out our own list of pantry staples HERE) like coffee, toilet paper and cereal—even items you don't traditionally buy at the grocery store, like printer ink and allergy medicine—and the company will deliver them to your door on a regular schedule, for free, and at an extra 15% savings.

There are lots of regional online grocery services, but ships to anywhere in the lower 48 (though it's not free). This is a great alternative if you're outside the shipping area of FreshDirect but still want the majority of your grocery list delivered to your doorstep. ShoopFoodEx carries brands like Kraft, Campbell's, Nabisco but their biggest selling point is that the offer frozen goods and produce as well—something many online groceries don't. Prices are in line with your local grocer, though be sure to keep your eyes on the store-wide and weekly sales (33% off all Nabisco products, for example).


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