Save Money at Work with This Success Secret

Save Money at Work with This Success Secret

Between family, friends, parties, movies (and your Facebook page to document it all), you’ve got a lot going on. When you’re not working, you’re probably not thinking too much more about work. And, you’re certainly not putting anything work-related on the top of your after-hours to-do list.

I’m hoping this column might change that.

The Money-Saving Strategy You Already Have

There’s a hidden secret in your job that may be able to save you money, save you time, and help make you healthier and happier. But, you have to do a little extra work to get it. I’m talking about your company benefits. And, I’m hoping I can convince you to pay attention whenever you hear about them from your HR department. Benefits matter— to your health, to your family and, yes, even to your paycheck.

Benefits Go Beyond Visits to the Dentist

When we talk about benefits, we’re talking not only about medical, dental, and vision insurance policies, but also wellness programs designed to help reduce stress, eat right, and balance your work and family, as well as programs to save money for retirement. Companies spend a lot of money—sometimes 20-30% more than your base salary!—to provide competitive benefits packages. Why? They know a good benefits package attracts strong employees, makes them happy and increases their loyalty—all of which help the bottom line.

The Savvy Employee Takes Full Advantage

The problem is, few people take full advantage of their benefits programs. I’ve spent my whole career helping large employers (and small and mid-sized ones too!) educate their employees about benefits. We pull out all the marketing tricks to get employees to pay attention and use the programs their employers are providing. Far too often, people are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not participating in benefits programs.

Moving Forward

That’s why I’m so delighted to be part of LearnVest’s Expert Corner—and help you get the most out of your company benefit plans. From medical to retirement to insurance to wellness programs (and even things like pet insurance), we’ll help you understand what the programs mean to your life and to your finances.

We have a ton of ground to cover! But, first, I’d love to learn what you want to hear about most. What questions do you have about your employee benefits? What programs do you not understand? What confused you last year during your company’s benefits enrollment period?

Leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll soon dive into all the answers.


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