Save $10 a Day With These 10 Tricks

Save $10 a Day With These 10 Tricks

Here's another smart post from our friends at Savvy Sugar on how to save a little bit every day. Check it out:

Making just a few small tweaks to your daily spending habits could help you save big in the new year. If you adjust your everyday patterns and take advantage of even the most minor saving opportunities, an average of $10 a day translates to $280 at the end of the month—or around $3,600 in one year.

Where you save depends on where you're most apt to spend, so we've rounded up ten money-saving ideas that can amp up your savings and boost your budget confidence. Pick and choose from this list of tricks to help expand your wallet in 2012, then tell us: Where can you save $10 a day?

Pick an Eco-Conscious Commute

If you regularly drive to the office, try switching to public transportation to save on gas costs. Even better? Walk, bike or catch a ride with a friend to increase your savings and lift your mood on the way to work.

Skip Store-Bought Snacks and Drinks

Get your morning java fix by brewing your own at home, which can save both cash and calories. And instead of hitting up the office vending machine for your afternoon snack, buy your own snacks in bulk and keep a regular stash in your desk drawer.

Bring Back the Lunch Box

Packing your lunch is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and your finances; cutting the cost of your takeout habit can quickly add up to major savings.

Ditch the Dry Cleaning

Pricey trips to the dry cleaners can be avoided if you learn more about your clothing. Find out which fabrics are fine to hand-wash and take the time to do so yourself.

Know When to Skip Organic

Some standard foods are just as healthy and safe as their more expensive organic counterparts. A good rule of thumb? Foods with peels—think melons, oranges and bananas—usually don't need to be organic, since the peel acts as a protective layer against pesticides.

Store Your Leftovers

Always ask your server to box any food that's left on your table and take the extra time to put leftovers in Tupperware containers whenever you cook. You can easily stretch one meal into two or more. Just remember to write the date on each container and avoid wasting your leftovers by regularly taking stock of your refrigerator.

Choose Water Wisely

Whenever possible, pick the free option and drink tap water. Remember to carry a refillable bottle throughout the day so that you never need to buy bottled water.

Listen for Free

If you like listening to a variety of music throughout your day, opt for free or subscription music sites rather than buying individual songs. The seemingly low price of a dollar per tune adds up quickly, so sign up for Pandora or Spotify instead.

Pass on the Wine

Alcoholic drinks add a major charge to your restaurant and bar bills, so sip smart and choose juice or seltzer instead. Another option: Do some research before big nights out to find out about any happy hour deals, half-price bottles or BYOB options.

Make a Matinee Date

Plan ahead with your friends and pick afternoon show times to save on movie tickets. For a budget-friendly midweek pick-me-up, check local theater listings and see if weekday prices are better.

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