Retiring in Style


The Focus of Retiring in Style Bootcamp

  1. Set Up
    Your Accounts

    Start saving for retirement in your employer-based account and the IRA that makes the most sense for you.

  2. Create Your
    Road Map

    Visualize your retirement and calculate how much you need to put away every month to get there.

  3. Learn to Invest
    and Maintain

    Now that you’re putting some money into your accounts, learn how it should be invested.

Retiring in Style Schedule

  • day 1 – 2

    Get Started:

    Start or increase contributions to your employer-based account and open the IRA that’s right for you.

  • day 3

    Visualize Your Retirement:

    Will you be exploring life around the world or nurturing life in your backyard garden? See how your costs may change in retirement.

  • day 4-5

    Put a Price Tag on It:

    Figure out how much your ideal retirement might cost and how much you need to put away each month to get there.

  • day 6 – 7


    We know: Retirement isn’t your only financial goal. So how do you prioritize it against the others? We show you how.

  • day 8

    Other Retirement Income:

    You may not have to save all your retirement income on your own. Find out what other money you may be able to rely on.

  • day 9-10

    Your Post-Bootcamp Road Map:

    Learn how to invest your money so it grows nicely. Plus, get tips on keeping up your retirement investments every year.