Retiring in the U.S.A.: How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

Retiring in the U.S.A.: How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

What does your dream retirement look like?

Maybe you haven't given it much thought, beyond setting up your IRA or 401(k) (you did set one up, right?). Or maybe you have a calendar next to your desk to tick off the days until you can leave your office for sunnier pastures.

No matter which situation you're in, have you ever wondered how prepared you are for that day, compared to your peers? Have you saved more than the average American? Less? And is the "normal" amount of savings even enough to help you reach your dream retirement?

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In a new survey, LearnVest explored the state of saving for retirement in the U.S.—from what we picture for ourselves post-65 to the amount we've socked away today. We detail everything from respondents' top financial worries to the discrepancy between the retirement savings of men and women.

To see how your peers, who range in age from 25 to 54, are preparing for their golden years, check out the infographic below.




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