Quiz: Should You Go on a Media Fast?

Alden Wicker

You’ve made your pledge to take control of your budget and you’re super pumped about saving money!

Until you open that magazine and see the “season must-have” for only $150. Its just so cute!

From Real Housewives, to Vogue to daily emails from fashion websites, the media are great at showing you new and shiny things that are just a wee bit–or a lot bit–out of your budget. (We prefer to showcase the more affordable versions.) The effect is similar to plunking down a sleeve of Wendy’s fries and a chocolate milkshake in front of someone trying to lose 20 pounds. It’s not a fair fight.

Woman reading magazine beside pool

Maybe it’s time to go on a media fast. Ignorance is bliss, after all. If you don’t know that pastel jeans are a season must-have, then you won’t feel poor or deprived for not having them. Plus, once you get out of celebrity la la land and look at the people around you, you might realize that not everyone carries a designer purse. In fact, hardly anyone does.

Take our quiz to find out if you would benefit from canceling your magazine subscriptions, tuning out of those TV shows and opting out of marketing emails.

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    Alden Wicker


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