Quiz: Are You Too Hung Up on Designers?

Alden Wicker

In a world where you could probably spend eight hours a day between Polyvore, Pinterest and fashion blogs catching up on the latest trends, it’s perfectly normal–nay, expected–for a girl to memorize the names of her favorite designers.

But let’s be real–even before the explosion of designer-obsessed blogs, it seems like some of us knew our Prada from our Gucci from the young age of 12 years old–and it didn’t matter that we had never seen a Fendi baguette in person.

Now that you’re a grown up and have your own money to spend, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your feelings about designer labels, and yes, that includes the latest indie It-Girl designer, too. Take them too seriously, and you could send your budget all out of whack, or worse, go into debt to fuel your passion.

Take our quiz to find out if you’re a wee bit too much into designers:

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