Priceless Style


The Focus of Priceless Style Bootcamp

  1. Sharpen Your
    Shopping Skills

    Spend your style dollars well by buying only what you’ll love and use, getting deals and stocking up on the essentials.

  2. Enhance Your Style

    Mix up your beauty routine, invest time in your health and cultivate other priceless style qualities.

Priceless Style Schedule

  • day 1

    Your Style Budget:

    Set up your budget, the foundation for all your shopping, and find out how well you spend what you have.

  • day 2 – 3

    Shop Well:

    Know where to shop, when to go and what factors personally matter most to you when making a purchase.

  • day 4 – 5

    Master the Essentials:

    See how these 30 essential clothing items and accessories can take you from boardroom to dinner date.

  • day 6 – 7

    Care, Storage and Disposal:

    Properly care for and organize your valued possessions so they last, and purge (and profit) when it’s time.

  • day 8 – 9

    Beauty and Character:

    Know how to get the biggest beauty benefit for you buck, and find out the priceless style commandments.

  • day 10


    You’ll commit to progressing on your style and money priorities, take our survey and get more from LearnVest.