New Facebook Profile Page Has More Pictures, Same Cautions

New Facebook Profile Page Has More Pictures, Same Cautions

There’s a new Facebook profile format in town—prepare for the usual flurry of disgruntled petitions against Facebook changes.

A Profile Is Worth A Few Million Words

The new Facebook profile is largely image-based. Friends, relationship histories, and even interests are now illustrated by thumbnails. There are now even more opportunities for connection—friends (or should we say Friends?) can link their interests, and visiting a friend’s profile will automatically highlight things you have in common, such as events you’ll both attend and photos you’re in together. There’s even an opportunity to designate your friends into separate categories, such as “Best Friends,” “College Friends,” and “Coworkers.” Frankly, we’re a bit wary of categorizing anyone.

New Format, Same Idea

Even though the technology is only getting sleeker, and people are only getting closer (or as close as you can get through status updates), we still stand by our original warning: Be careful. Put a little thought into how you present yourself to the public, whether the public is distant friends, relatives, or coworkers. Blurry pictures of New Year’s Eve debauchery don’t exactly portray the image of  a productive member of society. Your real friends won’t miss out—they were probably there anyway.

Tell us in the comments: What do you think of Facebook changes? Do you embrace them or grumble your way through the new layouts?


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