Money Savvy Young Adults Most Optimistic For 2011

Money Savvy Young Adults Most Optimistic For 2011

Will 2011 be a better financial year for Americans than 2010? Well, there’s a common saying that “optimism breeds success.”If the expression proves true, this year should be a much more positive year for many Americans, particularly young adults.

According to a survey released by Chase Card Services, 61% of Americans reported that they are more optimistic heading into 2011 than they were last year. Even more compelling, 70% of adults aged 18 to 34 said that they are more optimistic than last year—significantly more than any other age group surveyed.

You may ask, why is the greatest amount of optimism found among young adults? While there is a variety of contributing factors, one particularly strong correlation is between their intended financial behavior in 2011. The survey found that 98% of young adults reported that they will try to save more money, and 3 in 5 will try to develop a budget in 2011.

This year, young adults can remain optimistic and meet their money-saving goals by using resources like Chase Blueprint. By creating custom plans to help manage their spending and borrowing, they can save money and stay on track with the following features:

  • Full Pay: Avoid paying interest on the categories you choose (like groceries)
  • Split: Pay off large purchases faster, and by doing so, save on interest
  • Finish It: Set a pay-off date for your balance and pay it down faster to save on interest
  • Track It: See your purchase details, track spending trends, and set budgets




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