Meet Two of Our Financial Experts!

Meet Two of Our Financial Experts!

We may have chosen our first four makeover candidates, but that doesn't mean that your chances for a financial transformation are over.

With LearnVest's new plans, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with our financial experts to create a customized financial plan that will help you achieve your goals. From building an emergency fund for a rainy day to saving enough money to retire stylishly, our experts will make sure that you're making the right choices so that you can live richly now and in the future.

Meet two of the amazing financial experts who could help you get—and stay—on the right path financially.

Meet Stephany

altTitle: Certified Financial Planner® and LearnVest Financial Expert

Background: Before LearnVest, I worked as the director of retirement planning for a boutique retirement consulting firm.

Why I Came to LearnVest: LearnVest makes finance fun, hip and accessible. Its mission is specifically to empower women, which is so important to me.

Favorite Part of Working for LV: I love getting to connect with users directly and see that my work is actually making an impact on their lives. It's great working with young women who want a solid financial foundation because they didn't necessarily have terrific role models, but they don't want to end up with debt, or no money to retire, themselves.

Best Piece of Advice: When money comes your way unexpectedly, always use a small piece of it for something fun. Put most of it toward a goal like saving or debt, but make sure you're not missing out on the fun things in life.

What I'm Saving For: My husband and I would like to get a house with a backyard so our dog can run around! And saving for retirement is never far from my mind.

Meet Mina

altTitle: LearnVest Money Coach and Financial Planner

Background: I was a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, helping clients with their investments and retirement planning.

Why I Came to LearnVest: I feel like women are underserved by the personal finance industry. I would look at my friends and family who needed help with their finances, but they weren't being served by the major financial companies. LearnVest is going to change that!

Favorite Part of Working for LV: I love talking to clients and realizing that we can help them ... and they weren't being helped before.

Best Piece of Advice: Make sure that you don't sacrifice too much—and that you budget for the little things that make you happy in life. Personally, I budget for entertainment: Netflix, going to the movies and buying books!

What I'm Saving For:  My husband and I are focused on saving for children. We want to be able to pay for private school and college!

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