Master Your Spending With the Money Wraparound

Master Your Spending With the Money Wraparound

It’s easy to be conscientious about our purchases ... in theory.

We’re not really put to the test until we’re in the suspended animation of a fantastic store, surrounded by the smell of fresh leather and cradling the world's softest sweater with only one person ahead of us in line.

It’s all come down to this: Will we buy it?

A new year means a new approach to that crucial moment. And now we've got a secret weapon in our wallet: the money wraparound.

altGo ahead and consider this your paper-cut-out conscience. The badge of the LV Pledge  will remind you of the commitment you've made to your finances in 2012. It’s easy: Just print, cut it out and tape it together to make a sleeve for your money, including cash, debit cards and credit cards.

Every time you open your wallet at the register, the badge will remind you to stop, think about your goals and consider whether the purchase is really worth it after all.

New Year, New Plan

There aren't any forms to fill out or tricky programs to download, so go on, take responsibility for your money. Join us in the LV Pledge!


The LV Pledge

As a refresher, the LV Pledge is our way to empower LearnVesters to take control of their finances. For every 1,000 women who sign up to take the Pledge, LearnVest and Chase Blueprint will give away one diagnostic call with a Certified Financial Planner® to a woman in need.

Need More Help Staying on Track?

We aren’t here to regulate every dollar you spend, and penny-pinching isn’t really our thing. So we want to help you get your financial life in tip-top shape long before you get to the mall, much less the checkout line. But we all know small decisions we make can mess with the master plan.

So, before shopping, keep your greater goals in mind. And when that crucial moment comes, let the symbol of the LV Pledge inspire your next financial move.

Here's to a year of spending smart(er)!

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