Live Your Richest Life With the LearnVest Pledge

Live Your Richest Life With the LearnVest Pledge

A pledge is a powerful thing.

In regular life, we pledge allegiance, we pledge to charities and we pledge to vote.

Today, we pledge to lead our richest life.

It's easy: There's nothing to memorize, no ceremony to attend and no fee to pay.


Simply by visiting LearnVest and making The Pledge, you've vowed to take control of your finances. Now it's time to walk the talk—and inspire good habits in your friends and family, because it's always easier to make change together.

What is the LearnVest pledge? It's a commitment—to yourself, and to the rest of us—that this year you're ready to let go of your fear and embark on a course to chart your financial future. It all starts with a few inspiring words—but only you can decide where reciting them will take you. Here's how to get started:

1. Go to the LV Pledge Sign-up Page

Here, you'll see aplace to personalize what financial freedom means to you. Maybe it's about saving $10,000 this year. Or finally getting out of debt. Pick a specific goal and limit it to just one, so you make sure it's achievable.

2. Head to LV Discussions

That's where you can share your pledge goal with the LearnVest community. This is a great way to get support from other women who have the same goals you do. And we're here to help: If you post your pledge goal, we'll check back in with you in a month to chart your progress.

3. Join Thousands of Women in Committing to Financial Freedom

At LearnVest, we're not just your favorite tool to organize your finances, or your go-to site for personal finance tips—though we love being both of those. Above all, we're a community. Whether you're trying to save, get out of debt or learn to invest, you're in good company. And if we all make this pledge together, there's no limit to the change we can create.

4. Enter to Win a Financial Makeover

By making The Pledge, you'll be entering to win a free budget makeover. Every thousandth member that joins LearnVest will receive a free Budgeting Plan makeover customized by a LearnVest financial expert. In addition, to show our support for all the women who want to improve their finances,  LearnVest, in partnership with Chase Blueprint, will award eight women in need complete money makeovers. After all, just about everyone could use a guiding hand.


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