LearnVest Rounds Up The Market

LearnVest Rounds Up The Market

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Oh, happy day. Kind of.

The past week has been exciting, if nothing else: The stock market plummeted around the same time that the Fed announced a new plan to stimulate the staggering economy. Google is being tried on allegations that it's become an unfair monopoly. Congress is fighting again. The debt crisis in Europe is starting to feel a little like an episode of 24 (it keeps changing all the time, usually for the worse).

Needless to say, we’re glad it’s Friday.

For now, we present the key facts you need to know—and how all of this news will affect you. Your crash course begins now:

Why Is the Stock Market Down?

Over the past couple days, the U.S. economy has dipped severely, and Europe’s debt crisis might be a big culprit. Here’s exactly what you need to know. READ ON.

The Fed’s Big News

The Federal Open Market Committee finished meeting this week and announced a new package to help our flagging economy. We’ll walk you through what’s involved. READ ON.

Politicians Are Squabbling Again

This week, Congress revived the game of chicken it played with the nation’s finances this summer, putting the government at risk of shutdown after September 30th. READ ON.

Maybe Google Is Evil After All …

Google’s informal motto (“don’t be evil”) was on everyone’s mind as it began its defense in a Senate antitrust hearing. How did Google fall from grace? READ ON.


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