Learn to Live Richly With More Free LearnVest Tools

Learn to Live Richly With More Free LearnVest Tools

The Daily is just the beginning.

We love our Daily newsletter (sign up here to get it in your inbox), which covers everything from happiness strategies to going green on a budget. We adore our free, user-friendly account-organization tool My Money Center.

But now there’s more demand for our affection: My Money Center has three free new tools to help you account for every dollar.

Track Your Cash Transactions

Did your friend pay you back for dinner? What happened to that $40 you took out of the A.T.M.? Now you can log all cash transactions and A.T.M. withdrawals in the Financial Inbox. Track your cash purchases and always know exactly where you're spending.

Split Your Transactions Into Different Categories

If you buy groceries, home cleaning supplies and DVDs in a single shopping trip to the same store, you'll see a single expense appear in your Financial Inbox in the My Money Center. Now, you can divide that expense into different folders (like "Groceries," "Home" and "Entertainment") to make sure you're getting the most accurate picture possible of your spending. Keep your receipts handy until the next time you log in to your Financial Inbox, so you can accurately divide these expenses into the correct folders!

Get Total Control Over Your Financial Picture

Understand your big financial picture when you link your accounts to LearnVest. You can also manually add accounts at institutions that don't link automatically (like your local credit union). Just select "Add an Account Manually" within the Account Center.

Watch Your Income Grow

The Financial Inbox allows you to track all of your expenses—from bills to groceries to entertainment—and now incoming money has a home, too. Use the new income folder to keep track of your paychecks and other income, and watch your money grow.

Become a member today and whip those finances into shape.

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