Keep a “Reality Check” on Spending

Keep a “Reality Check” on Spending

altAccording to recent media reports, Americans are spending more on their credit cards this season. While analysts say this is good news for the economy, it may not be the same for our personal finances. With increased optimism and spending on the rise, do you have a personal budget or plan prepared?

Even if we’re feeling more confident these days, it is up to all of us to ensure that we maintain good practices to protect our personal finances. This season, take a proactive approach to managing your finances by setting a budget and establishing a payment plan for your credit card spending.

Financial management tools like Chase Blueprint can help you through this process:  available on many Chase credit cards, Blueprint is a unique set of free features designed to help you manage spending and borrowing – on your terms.

In five minutes or less, you can set up a plan to avoid interest on new purchases and then create another plan to pay down balances faster than ever.

For example, with Blueprint you can avoid paying interest on everyday items such as groceries and gasoline (even when carrying a balance) by separating them on your bill to pay them off in full each month.  Other Blueprint planning features help users pay down their balance faster, save money on interest by paying off a larger purchase, and track their progress against their financial goals.

Remember – having a plan means always knowing where you stand and can help you make the most of your personal finances.


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