Infographic: Is Your Spending Normal?

Libby Kane

The other day, we were clicking through the folders in our Financial Inbox (why does the “Black Hole” folder have such a high balance?) and wondering: Is our spending normal?

Fortunately, NPR made a handy infographic from data out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrating how exactly Americans spend their money, focusing on the biggest categories and some of the quirkier small ones. Check it out below, and don’t worry … our spending is normal.

Infographic via NPR

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  • Liquid

    No surprise women spend almost twice as much on clothing as men (^_^) I imagine the gasoline circle would grow bigger over time. I wonder where life or health insurance fits into all of this. Maybe in the health care section. Ours is public up here in the north so it’s a little different.

    • Karl Svensson

      Haha, true. And we spend more money on our pet than on clothes for us men. Worth thinking about…