How to Negotiate: 11 Tips from Experts and LV Readers

Alden Wicker

You’re an expert negotiator.

You got that necklace at the flea market for half off, your favorite barista always comps you a grande for the price of a tall and let’s not even talk about your Craigslist skills. (See that wood dresser? Got it for $20!)

Customer buying shellfish from seafood stall

But any pro can use a brush-up—and learn a few new tricks to have up her sleeve.

We wanted to provide you with the very best tips out there, so we asked everyone, including readers like you, consumer experts and our very own expert “negotiator in chief”: What do you do to always get the best price?

We’ve put together the ultimate compendium ranging from the basics you should never forget to cutting-edge tips for getting what you want. Brace yourself—you’re about to become a slick car salesman’s worst nightmare.


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    Alden Wicker