How the Right Budget Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


One night this fall, hundreds of women made change happen.

No, we’re not talking about election night—we’re talking about LearnVest LIVE.

On October 9, LearnVest, in partnership with Chase Blueprint®, hosted LearnVest LIVE, bringing together amazing speakers from LearnVest and Chase as well as experts like Cosmo editor in chief Joanna Coles and Top Chef’s Gail Simmons to educate women on such topics as investing, real estate, career, food and more.

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There were exciting topics for attendees to hear about, but one of the most popular was the Budgeting for Your Life session, hosted by LearnVest’s Director of Financial Planning Stephany Kirkpatrick and Chase’s Head of Consumer Practices Marge Hannum.

Just because you didn’t make it to LearnVest LIVE doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from their wise words on the fine art of budgeting. Check out our video above. to learn why a budget is so important and how to get started.