How Free Text Messages Can Help With Healthy Living

How Free Text Messages Can Help With Healthy Living

iPhone apps get all the attention—and cool commercials. But even if you don’t have a smartphone and expensive data plan, you can still take advantage of today’s innovations in technology and health.

Check out these text messaging services, which have a focus on health and wellness and provide priceless information.


Receive free messages with tips for your pregnancy and caring for your baby. These messages are timed to your due date or your baby’s birth date. The service provides at least three text messages a week to expecting mothers reminding them of doctor’s appointments, explaining experiences they may be going through, and providing suggestions to keep mother and baby healthy. They’ve partnered with the White House, Johnson and Johnson, and other mobile technologies to reach 1 million moms by 2012.

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Use your mobile phone to live a healthier life and challenge yourself via text messages with tips and reminders about physical and wellness activities, nutrition, medications and other healthy habits.

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Habit Changer.

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, or manage your finances better? Habit Changer promises to change your behavior in 42 days through daily texts that challenge you to think and act differently.

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Health Txts.

You know you shouldn’t go out for those French fries at midnight, or reach for that candy at 4 p.m. Get some motivation! This service will help you change unhealthy behaviors by sending you customized text messages at the times and in the places you need it most.

Learn more at

Whether you want to change an unhealthy habit or get healthy tips and tricks to help, the information is out there for you. All you have to do is sign up and you’re one text message away from getting started. Best of all, the information is free.


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