How Do Your Finances Compare to the Average LearnVester's?

How Do Your Finances Compare to the Average LearnVester's?

At LearnVest, we know you're one-of-a-kind.

You're a beautiful, unique snowflake (yes, even in the summertime!) whose financial situation—and life goals—aren't exactly like anyone else's.

It's why we profile readers like Victoria, who knew nothing about money growing up, and grew up to become a master investor. And Carla, who got so good at living on a budget and saving up—$10,000 in three years—she went back to school to become a Certified Financial Planner.


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It's also why LearnVest's My Money Center allows you to connect all your financial accounts, like your credit card, savings account and student loans, in one place and group your transactions into spending and saving categories to help you track where you spend (or save) every dollar. But our favorite part is that you can name the folders yourself, so if you want to call a folder "Katie's Big, Audacious Trip to Buenos Aires" or "Things I Shouldn't Have Bought," you can.

We will never reveal any of your personal info (nor do we have access to it), but we do know the broad spending patterns among our members.

To remind you how unique each of you is—and, at the same time, how universal many of our financial goals are—we created an infographic with the average LearnVester's spending. This data comes from members who labeled their transactions accordingly, but we think it paints an interesting picture of what LearnVest readers spend on, save for and care about.

How do you compare?


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