5 Ways to Exercise Shopping Willpower


If you find yourself tempted by post-holiday sales, Savvy Sugar has tips to keep you on budget.

Before and after the holidays, our inboxes are flooded with discounts, sale emails and deals that seem impossible to resist. Even worse, they’re often loaded with urgency: save 30% off, for two days only!

But shopping a few sales here and there on top of gift buying can add up to a massive credit-card bill at month’s end. This season, I’ve been finding new ways to exercise willpower around all these sales. Check out these tips:

Ask yourself, would I buy this if it were full price? If the answer is no, don’t buy it on sale. A deep discount may make an item more appealing in the moment, but if it’s not perfect for you, you’ll never love it.


Put yourself on a sale diet. Been a little spendy lately? Start deleting sale emails before you even open them, so you won’t be tempted. Or go all the way and unsubscribe from the lists. Chances are, if it’s a really great sale, you’ll find out about it anyway.

Keep a list of sales criteria. Come up with a list of items you need, brands you love, or restaurants and services for which you’re allowed to buy local deals. Then don’t buy anything on sale unless it meets one of your criteria.

Set sale alerts. For brands, stores and items you love, sign up for a free service like ShopStyle sale alerts, which emails you when your dream items are on sale, so you’re not tempted until you need to be.

Set a “worth it” threshold. Some retailers (I’m looking at you, Banana Republic) send emails what seems like every day offering 20-30% off—for just a few days only! But remember, there will always be more sales, so why not hold out for 40% or higher?

What tips do you have for resisting sales?

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  • Mo

    I unsubscribe from all the companies that send me those tempting SALE emails.  Most companies are pretty good about taking your name off quickly.

    • Berti

      Good advice, I tried just deleting them but I couldn’t help looking at them and finding something that I wanted to click on–deleting is the only way to go!

      • Berti

        OOPS! I meant unsubscribing.

  • http://amzn.to/SalesTipsforWomen Danielmilsteinabc

    Great Post Savvy. These 5 points are really useful and helpful for everyone. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is that everything we purchase from Sale is not good in quality. So be careful while purchasing anything.

  • Berti

    I appreciate most of the advice from LV, particularly about spending, not buying “sale” items, saving, and budgeting, so why then are there all these advertisement to purchase items, especially from reduced price sites such as Overstock, Hautelook, and similar sites?