3 Reasons Learning About Your Employee Health Insurance Benefits Is a Good Idea

3 Reasons Learning About Your Employee Health Insurance Benefits Is a Good Idea

You may not believe this, especially after the 10-hour workdays you work, but your wellbeing is important to your boss.

More and more companies are investing in health and wellness programs, which can range from a pamphlet with nutrition information to free healthy lunches to weight management classes to extensive on-site resources. Companies know that good health is linked to productivity and engagement, which are buzzwords for getting the most out of employees who are committed to their jobs.

What you might not know is that these programs can save you a lot of money and provide you with valuable resources. Here’s how:

1. Use All Available Free Resources

Your health plan, your dental plan, and your employee assistance program all have free resources for you to use. Check out your HR website or call your health plan to see what’s available. Keep your eyes out for some of these perks:

  • Free or low-cost preventive care visits
  • 24-hour Nurseline that you can call for free when you have a question or are unsure if you should go to the doctor
  • Extra support if you have a chronic condition like diabetes or asthma
  • Free resources if you want to quit smoking
  • Free telephone counseling sessions from an employee assistance program
  • Referral/concierge services for things like writing a will or finding last-minute childcare

2. Get Paid To Be Healthy

To encourage and reward healthy lifestyles, many companies offer financial incentives and discounts on health insurance premiums. Similarly, many companies offer an incentive to participate in a smoke cessation or weight management program, to take an online health assessment, or to get a health screening (like your cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI). These incentives can add up to hundreds of dollars per year, and are usually relatively painless to complete. Don’t be suspicious of your company’s intentions or your privacy. Many regulations and safeguards keep your personal health information private and out of the hands of your employer.

3. Cash In On Discounts!

Wellness comes in a variety of forms. Although it may not all be covered by your benefits, many companies and vendors provide discounts and savings on health-related programs and services. Some companies will give you a stipend for gym membership, while others offer discounts on alternative therapies such as massage, chiropractic and acupuncture services. Your prescription drug plan may offer up discounts at your pharmacy, as well. So, treat your wellness brochure like a coupon book and find the best deals.


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