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The Cost of French Fries and Other Junk Food, for Wallet and Waistline

The average American consumes 53 gallons of soda every year, which is about two bathtubs full…and nearly 30 pounds of French fries!

News Flash: You Can Negotiate Medical Bills

Do the costs of your medical bills send you into shock? If so, they don't have to. Negotiating with the hospital is an easy way to lower medical costs.

Medical Expenses a Leading Factor in Credit Card Debt

While student loans are a leading contributor to overall debt burdens, it turns out that medical bills are the leading contributor to credit card debt.

Boost Your Immune System With These 5 Spices

These spices will not only diversify your palette but also bring a whole new meaning to cancer prevention, weight management and anxiety reduction.

4 Free Exercises for You and Your Baby

Get strong and fit with your baby, whenever you have a spare ten minutes and without spending an extra dollar



Checklist: 6 Simple Steps to Tackling Open Enrollment

Haven’t made your benefits elections yet for 2016? Our easy-to-follow guide helps break down the process into six key to-dos.

Health Insurance Checklist: 12 Coverage Terms Everyone Should Know

Insurance lingo got your head spinning? We define the need-to-know vocab that will help you get through open enrollment season.

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