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Tons of food gets thrown away every year, and wasted food means wasted money. These eight expert tips can help you make the most of your grocery budget.

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It might be bad for your budget ... but it's worse for your health. Find out why you should quit drinking diet soda now.

How to Make Frozen Food Healthy for Your Kid

Frozen food is cheap, but not so healthy. Use these steps to make it healthier, without forgoing the ease and cost that makes it appealing in the first place.

4 Meal Planning Services That Will Plan Your Dinner Tonight

Menu planning services promise to save you time and money by sending you menus for the whole week. But are they worth it? We tested four to find out.

'All Natural'? 'Supports Immunity'? How to Decode Food Packaging

A study tested 58 products labeled as nutritious. The results: 84% didn't meet basic nutrition standards for sugar, fat, saturated fat, sodium and fiber.



I Want to Cut My Grocery Bill

Ready to cut down your grocery bill? Follow our fool-proof steps for an affordable yet healthy pantry and fridge of food.

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