Getting Hitched


The Focus of Getting Hitched Bootcamp

  1. See Where You’re
    Starting From

    Learn about each other’s money personalities, and find out your current financial situations.

  2. Kicking Off Your Future

    Get some tips for the long haul, as well as for immediate big expenses: the wedding and honeymoon.

Getting Hitched Schedule

  • day 1 – 2

    What You Bring to the Table:

    We’ll begin by learning about your money personalities and your current financial situations.

  • day 3 – 5

    Decisions, Decisions:

    We’ll then determine how to proceed: Prenup or none? What paperwork do you need? And how will you manage the finances?

  • day 6-7

    The Road Ahead:

    Lastly, you’ll get tips on handling sticky money situations in the future, as well as affording your wedding and honeymoon.